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Quotes By Sir Ugomuoh Perfect

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  • Don’t speed faster than your plans, speed kills at times.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Poverty is a sign that you are not doing well.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Learn like a child and implement like a King.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Wisdom can make a man build in the desert.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • If you wait too long for the right moment, the right moment will pass you by-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Success is a risks worth taking.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • There is a big difference between giving up and backing out.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • A broken bridge is not the end of the road.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Every problem have a solution and it’s lies in your mind.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • The mind is the Gateway to endless possibilities.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Don’t be afraid your life will end when you chase your dream.
  • Life without a vision is a sad story waiting to happen.-Ugomuoh Perfect
  • Allow your success to explain your pains.-Ugomuoh Perfect

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