School of Relevance

School of Relevance

Written by bankofmotivation

School of Relevance as the word itself connotes that what it is about, Relevance. A Relevant Person someone others depend on, be it for leadership, expertise, financial, marital, academic, social, business, education, acumen, or emotional support etc. With us your become self-Sufficient, envied, role model, mentor and a National Treasure.

The Aim of School of Relevance

  • To Educate and Equip you with knowledge that Work
  • To Eradicate purposeless living and Procrastination
  • Expose you to your Advantages
  • To help align you to destiny and building your Smart Vision and Proper Goal Setting.
  • Mentoring, coaching and Transforming you into Maturity in any venture of life
  • Exposing you to the dangers of a Dependent life and imbalance.
  • Inspire, Motivate and Guide You Everyday

Time Every Saturday of Each Second week of the Month, starting from 16th of January, 2021.

Material to bring along:
Your Mind

Expectations: Growth and Dominance in your World

Channel of communication:

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