Never Say Never

Written by bankofmotivation

I tell you,you be be mocked, you will face criticisms, rejection will be the new norms and you will cry and cry and cry,pains will set in,your heart will bleed,you will be broken and as you face this mountains you will cry out oh Why Me God,why create me if you can’t bless me,why bring me here to earth to suffer and yet the silence will be more than ever,at this point many break and take their life’s because they fail to understand that in the middle of the Storm lies new Hope and new beginning the strom was never to terminate you it’s ushers new heights,dreams and Vision.

You must be thankful for the storms in your life for without them you will never be better. God doesn’t not bring the strom your are not strong enough to handle. Stand up and take charge it’s your earth,it’s your inheritance, enforce your will of ownership,take control. You can do yes you can,you may look fragile but you are agile,so move and keep moving we are looking up to you,

Never Say Never.

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