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As smart as your phone is it’s still gathering data to improve user pleasure and experience,why then do you leave your life without gathering useful data for growth and dominance. Could it be that our quest to fill our bellies has robbed us the zeal to fill our minds? The mind is an assert,the stomach is a liability, channel your energy on developing the mind and not six packs for the beauty of a man is his mind not the packs. If you must developed your mind on an empty stomach and non Beautified body do it deligently because the content of the mind fills the stomach longer but the content of the stomach leads to more hungry.

Expand your horizons,read, travel, research. Do your best to expand your understanding. For you to grow you must answer a lot of questions nature and man throw at you and you don’t pass a test when you have not understand the topic. Poverty is a topic for you to pass you must understand why you shouldn’t be poor.

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