Wake up World

Written by bankofmotivation

The time is come for us to wake up from our non – proactive approach towards Life and Living.

Poverty is the possession of poor habit and lifestyle, poor approach and response, poor reasoning and relating, unequal freedom, poor communication and expression and lot more and so far we can all attest to the fact that we are all poor,great, average and less all together. The invisible enemy has thought us that material gains isn’t Wealth,it’s goes beyond basic comfort and pleasure.

We must retract and retrace out steps. What Great Nations Pride in ,things like great Arsenal’s and military, infrastructures, Economy and currency, intelligence and lot more will mean little by the time Minds Fail.

What makes a Nation Greatly Outstanding are beautiful Minds and this viral invasion has taught us that more work is needs to be done on the area of the Mind.

All hands on deck to protect our existence,we must not exclude The Mind for our agenda and budgets.
We must protect our minds even if the head factors may failed to see reasons. After the Vaccines and cures what else??

We are heading to a future were we will not fight to defend boundaries, pride and supremacy but from ourselves. We must protect the mind Now.

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